–my favorite part of any SVU episode…the courtroom is quiet, the defense is building their narrative, the air is tense, electricity begins to pulse as the inquiry proves to be true….OBJECTION!


If you’ve never binge-watched an entire season of Law & Order: SVU, on USA network, from 10 am until 10 pm….you’re missing out on life! Actually, you’re probably out living your life…but if you have found yourself sick, disheveled, hungover, etc. etc…then really what else is there to do? Remember, the couch is your friend…and Elliot Stabler is a DILF!

But seriously–let’s get to the point. A few months ago I started (finally) listening to the Serial podcast. I was instantly hooked. Then, I stumbled upon the Undisclosed podcast. Now, not as many people have heard of Undisclosed. It’s not quite a follow-up to Serial, and is actually in no way affiliated with Serial other than the interest in the Adnan Syed case. It’s put on by three lawyers, one of which is a close personal friend, or family friend, to Syed. It takes Serial deeper, looks into the discrepancies of the case, and breaks the State’s narrative wide open. It’s awesome.

SO, and I know this is a little out there, from this I’ve drawn an almost solution to my grown up problem. I’m sort of at this purgatory where I’ve got to either shit or get off the pot. I’m going to be 25 in about a month, I’m still working at (two!) restaurants–serving and bartending–and that’s all I’m really doing. I graduated two years ago and am sort of at a really weird place. I finally decided that in a year, so this time 2016, if I am still working in the service industry, I would go back to school. I always decided that if, or when, I went back to school I would study Library and Information Sciences. It’s a popular MA at my alma mater and it seemed up my alley. Technology!? Organization!? Books!??? Sign me up!

But, recently–and I mean like….within the last 3 days–I have come to consider law school as an option. Now, this is very preliminary and I have not even looked at any information about it or getting in or anything! But, it’s just an option. Something a little out of my comfort zone, but I find that when I just go for it, things tend to not be so daunting.

I have another interview on Monday for an Associate Editor position at a company I’ve interviewed with before. I’m really excited, and also really happy that they remembered me enough to consider me for a different job months later….hell yeah!

I’m keeping my options open and being optimistic. How’s that for a Friday spirit??!

~ whatever forever ~



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