Ms. Clean

Ok, guilty pleasure time. I love cleaning. It’s a secret love/hate sorta thing. I hate doing it when it’s absolutely necessary but eventually I just get the urge and I do it all at once–very meticulously, might I add.

Over the weekend I was sorta out-of-commission. I came down with a cold or a sinus infection..whatever it was, it sucked. I’ve been feeling almost better since that but I just can’t get over the congestion. So! My solution to feeling better was to clean everything.

Like I said, I love cleaning. It makes me feel better. Sometimes I listen to music and tidy up, put clothes away, things of that nature. Other time I put on the big, yellow gloves and get down on my hands and knees–nitty and gritty. It’s not all that often, but it’s often enough. I believe the way a persons house is kept, in all the business that life brings is a real tell-tale sign of who they are. There are those people who are total slobs (I’m recalling a really great episode of FRIENDS right now…). There are those who are clean, but cluttered. Finally, there are the neat freaks, the vacuum every day freaks, the disinfectant queens. Listen, the dog hair doesn’t bother me. The dishes are done every other day, at least. If I’m not having people over, why can’t I just live?!?!

That’s besides the point. Every once in a while, the home requires a thorough cleaning. You throw things away, rearrange furniture, de-clutter closets, sort through old clothes, coats and shoes. It just feels good, you know. Like somehow you’re aligning your life by hanging all your t-shirts in the same direction in your closet. It’s freakin’ amazing!

Mentally, I think it should be something everyone forms as a habit. Weekly, daily, or throughout the days, de-clutter yourself. Find those things you’re holding onto for silly reasons and let them go. If you haven’t worn it, donate it. If you’ve paid it, shred it. Recycle. Donate. Get rid of the things holding you down.

It feels better when you let all the junk go.

Because then, you know, you can go get all new junk! That’s the best part. 😉
~ whatever forever ~



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