Farm Fest

So this weekend was my first ever Farm Fest. A friend of mine owns some farm land a little ways south of here, and every year he hosts Farm Fest–a weekend of hiking, camping, drinking, shooting guns, and driving around on old tractors. It’s a Midwest queen’s greatest dream! IMG_2116

As a first timer, I have to say there is nothing quite like the farm. There’s no electricity, no running water, no bathrooms. Your only call to wake up is the sun shining into your tent. Campfires burn late into the evening, and the Miller Lite flows endlessly. You’re really out there in it. Of course we bring generators and gallons of water, and TP, you know, the essentials.

Yes, we like to think of Farm Fest as just a reason to get fucked up around a fire and do dumb shit. And yes, that’s a pretty accurate assumption of the weekend. But it’s so much more than that–at least for me.

As someone who’s never been a huge camper, it was something a little out of my element. But as the weekend drew closer and we headed down south, I grew more and more excited. I couldn’t wait to sit by the fire, hike, drink some beers, and have a genuinely wonderful and peaceful time. I am so happy to say that I did.IMG_2115

There’s something, obviously, relaxing about camping or being out in nature. We were probably an hour, at least, from the closest “big” city. There were no street or city lights to obscure our view. I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen the stars as beautiful and bright, as they were on the farm. Stepping out into that cold morning air, looking up, it almost takes your breath away. I am not lying, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I suppose it’s like looking out over the Grand Canyon, wondering how does something like this actually exist? But it does, and it’s all around us.IMG_2123

I’m constantly working and moving non-stop. I always have to be doing something. I so rarely take the time to just live in the moment. You know, stop and smell the roses? Sorta like that. Except I don’t take the time to stop and smell the exhaust that is coming out of me. It’s always go, go, go, go, work, work, work, work. There is time for play, but play centers around working and going and just always moving. The farm allowed me to rest, to disconnect, to spend time with people who are just genuinely good people.

It’s important to recognize when your body needs a little R & R. Whether that’s actual rest and relaxation, or maybe you’re spending your week away from the city and all that drives you crazy. Whatever it is, make time for it. Get away, disconnect, forget about the problems and the troubles that taunt you day-to-day. Take some time, forget those things, and spend time focusing on what you like to do, or want to do. Give yourself a little vacation, and enjoy life and the world around you.

Glad tidings.




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