Sometimes You Just Gotta Let it Out

And I’m not talking about farts.

When it comes to writing, sometimes you just gotta get the words out–out, out, out! Sometimes they come screaming out of you–maybe at someone else…maybe out loud in your car….whilst giving the finger to some asshole who just cut you off. Sometimes they sneak out of you, at a romantic time or a time when you’re just feeling some type of way.  Sometimes they come late at night, before bed–as mine usually do–where it’s just something you’ve got to jot down before hitting the sheets. Whatever or however it may be, the words will come. Not all at once, and usually the first time they won’t be very good…but they’ll come. And maybe you’ll smile because you feel better or maybe you’ll cry because you feel worse. Whatever the case, let the words come. Whatever the circumstance, let the words come. If you feel them coming out of you, let them out. They need to be said, or written, or jotted, or whatever.

For the people like me–who dream to be writers or…whatever–words are our power. Some people are good with numbers and some are good with words. Those that are good with both are wizards and deserve that damn Hogwarts letter. BUT for those who are not good with the math, at least we can be good at the words. In my previous post, I talk about what I love about writing and how words make me feel. Reading and writing come hand-in-hand, in most cases. But for those times when reading isn’t required and you’re just in the mood to write, let it flow. Do whatever it is that makes you do your thing and keep it coming.

Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke (in the hillbilly words of Eric Church)–do some yoga, hit the trails, drive around with the music too loud, or be that pretentious ass in Starbucks that is so obviously being a writer that it kills you a little inside….be any of those people you want…but just write. Write, write, write.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway.     (okay, I wish that could be that easy but sure, whatever…)

~ whatever forever ~



Things as of late:

Recently I’ve been somewhat MIA. I started a new job–a second job, rather–which has been requiring a lot of my time. It’s another restaurant job, so clearly I’ve lost my mind completely to consider working at two different restaurants, in two very different cities.  Good thing I bought that brand new car, eh?  My parents also got a new puppy, so that’s been really, really fun and exciting. She’s perfect and adorable, per usual….and all she wants to do is BITE. So….good thing she’s cute.

Other than the new job and new puppy, things haven’t been all that exciting for me. I still am in a relationship limbo which is both awkward and annoying. We aren’t technically broken up but we aren’t technically together…? What? We are friends who are working on things–that’s how I like to refer to it.

I will tell you one thing that really sucks…living at home! I never thought that living with my parents would be so annoying but I am constantly just wishing to be at my own place. Like a place that I can put all my own food and do my own thing and walk around in my damn underwear because I just DO NOT want to put pants on! You feel me?!! In reality, it’s really not that bad. I mean, it could probably be worse–I don’t pay any rent or utilities so I can for sure save up money and put it towards an apartment or a really awesome trip……ooooooh the possibilities.

I am, like, suuuuper bummed about not going to see Brand New–one of my favorite bands ever….but I will survive I guess. I had originally gotten tickets for Adam, and two friends of ours to all go. Well, when we sort of broke up–or whatever….–I got two people to take the extra tickets! The friend I was supposed to go with ended up getting sick (sad face) and can’t go tomorrow so I sold the two extra tickets to a different friend. I didn’t want to be the third wheel stuck in a weird situation with a bunch of people who didn’t really know one another. Meeehhhhhhh. There will be other concerts. So whatever.

BUT good news is….on a completely different note…I heard back from American Greetings….FINALLY! They, alas, did not choose me for the position I applied for months ago…(really guys?) BUT they kept me in mind for a different position that is going to be opening up and they want me to come back in and interview for that position! So that’s exciting and actually something to look forward to. But then I’m in the predicament of which job do I keep?! The new restaurant or the old one….hmm….can’t I just get a time turner and work all three jobs and make ALL THE MONEY?!?!?! And be the first millionaire professional waitress? No? Okay, screw you guys then!

Sorry for the lack of brattiness. It’s been a long week and I’m honestly mentally exhausted. But keep on keepin’ on fellow readers.

~whatever forever~